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Successful startups focus on the following three areas: Product/Market Fit, Revenue, and Customers. Unfortunately, most startups spend too much of their money on developing their product and time searching for their next level of funding. SF Trailblazer is passionate about helping founders grow their startups into successful businesses.  Our mission is to provide needed human capital and technologies during crucial lifecycles of startups. SF Trailblazer specializes in assisting women and minority-owned startups.


We help startups integrate their existing tools such as Excel, Google Docs, and Email into one central hub. This integration allows for a secure environment but also provides access for all users from different departments and levels within the entire organization as needed. Employees have access to critical information while team members also have access to information across levels and departments.


SF TRAILBLAZER places Certified Salesforce Administrators, Scrum Masters, and Agile Project Managers into part-time, full-time, contract and permanent positions at Funded/MVP Stage minority and women founded startups in the Bay Area.  



Convert Curiosity Into Connections. We believe networking should be easy. It should be as simple as ordering an espresso from your favorite café. Deckstr gives you a virtual business card platform that instantly connects you to people right next to you.  



SF TRAILBLAZER has alliances with the following organizations:

  • JVS (Jewish Vocational Service)

  • The Job Hackers

  • Wiserspread

  • Salesforce Ecosystem


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4444 Geary Blvd, Suite 205

San Francisco, CA 94118


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