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Are You Looking for a Career in Agile Software Development?  The Job Hackers provides people in transition with training on Agile Software Development and job placement help. Our training will give you the knowledge and experience to obtain Agile certification and placement as  a Scrum Master or Agile Project Manager.

Salesforce Admin

Are you ready to advance your career with Salesforce technical skills and a new job search strategy? We’re offering a free 14-week program that combines job search training with a technical course led by a Salesforce Admin and JVS career experts.



You're going to 7 Things Top Networkers Do That Wins Them Endless Business...And How You Can Easily Do The Same - Free Webinar MasterClass (Networking)!


Tech Jobs Tour

Tech Jobs Tour will convene thousands of influencers and innovators across all areas of technology. Come for the speed mentoring and product demos, stay for the high-fives and ultra-diverse networking. Learn more about your career development, recruiting and retaining non-traditional tech talent, and more.


Job Search Accelerator

Is it time to give your job search a boost? Kick off or relaunch your job search in JVS’s Job Search Accelerator at no cost to you. This program starts with 36 hours of in-person job search essentials training, followed by weekly group meetings and opportunities to meet one-on-one with a career advisor.


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